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Hello friends,
Did you know which is worlds 2nd search engine? Are you hear about Youtube? You use it to see videos, right? But where from the videos came? People upload it.
Yes, friend, many people upload videos to entertain us and many other for their business grown up. But if we search a keyword, One video come on top. So friend, did you question in your mind anytime, “how this video come on top?” It’s called Youtube algorithm. Youtube has many rules to videos on top. If any video has positive report youtube get this video on top. youtube has many rules but most one is a comment or writing reviews, like, share etc. If any video has this all perfectly youtube get this video on top by keyword base.

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Now think, You have a company and you upload videos on youtube you must want that people see this and the video come top on the search result, right? All companies want this too. So there’s a company, they trained people to do Youtube jobs like Video sharing, Video likes, Comment on videos etc and they also give them jobs too. By doing this you can earn money easily. But at first, you must learn it that,”How to earn money from Youtube?”

You will find many ways to learn it freely but you know people will not give you the deep tricks that how to earn money easily and nothing is good at free.

I am giving a paid training site. They will learn you everything you need and you can earn more and more easily.

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