How To Apply For Jobs In A Marketplaces and Best Marketplaces? Part – 2

There are many marketplaces for freelancing. I am giving some name. Go there and create accounts:

2. Toptal
3. Peopleperhour
4. Freelancer
5. 99Designs
6. Theme Forest
7. Graphic River
9. Code Canyon
10. 3D Ocean
11. Videohive
12. Audiojungle
13. Photodune
14. Fiverr

I have given many sites there. But their system is not same. Many of them you need to apply for jobs, many of them create contests, many of them help to sell your design. By doing this you will earn.


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Why Is The First Job Important For Any Freelancer?

Think you want a logo for your new business. But you don’t know how to create a logo. So what you will do? You will give it to the expert that he/she can make it gorgeous. Right? And after some days, you need another logo. What will you do now? You will contact with the freelancer who works with your first time, right?
Yes friend, Are you understand why the first job is very important for a freelancer? So, you must work hard and must do any work perfectly at the first time.
Now the question is,”how to apply for a job”?

How To Apply For A Job?

Think there are many people unemployed and one of add you find in your paper how much people apply for this job. Just think about this. And in the online world, more than 10,000 people apply for one job. Just think one buyer how can choose the best person for his job?
So do this In Shaa Allah you will find a job very fastly.

1. Make your portfolio. Remember portfolios are very important.
2. When you apply for jobs write your application smartly.
3. Write about your experience.
4. If you are new, try to make your hourly rate as little as you can.
5. Attatch some file you have done before. It’s very important, because many people get their job for this attatchment.



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There are some other sites. They don’t need to an application for any job. They create a campaign and people submit their works and the buyer chooses the best one and the freelancer win and earn too. These are here:

1. 99Designs

And there are many other sites, they help you to sell your work. They just take some commission but this is very good for a new freelancer. People now earning very fast and more money from this sites. Because they don’t need your experience, don’t need any interview just need your work. Create an account on this site:

1. Fiverr
2. Theme Forest
3. Graphic River
4. Code Canyon
5. 3D Ocean
6. Videohive
7. Audiojungle
8. Photodune

Note: Fiverr is the best seller in this world. It’s the best marketplace for everyone. Just create an account and submit your work, sell it and get paid.

Be Smart, Be Serious.

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