What Is Freelancing? Part – 1

Freelancing mean, People who offer services and after done they got paid. It is free. Because you do not need to pay anywhere, you just need to learn the services and after if you get any job, by completing it, you will be paid. And you will call freelancer. More information Wikipedia.


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So How To Be A Freelancer?

There are many ways in the world to be an online freelancer. But you must be skilled. There are many works in online people want like, Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Logo Designer etc.

Where From Learn This Works?

It is one of the great problems to be a freelancer. Because we confused when we try to find a great tutorial from online. And many people want to earn money in a nutshell. But they can’t gain money. Because they just want to earn money as soon as possible. But if you really want to earn money from online you must be trained hardly. And be patient.
There are many sources you can find in online to learn about your topic. But go to any training institute and if you work hard you will shine. I am giving you worlds best tutorial site:

1.Skillshare.com – Start your journey only 0.99$ for 3 months. (I mostly recommend it, because you get 3 months paid tutorial only 0.99$).



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How Many Works Has In Online World?

There are many works in the online world. But Some of this are most important and most needed.

1. Web Designer.
2. Web Developer.
3. Graphics Designer.
4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
5. Affiliate Marketing.
6. App Development.
7. Programming etc.

In the second post, we will learn about “How To Apply for Jobs In A Marketplaces and Best Marketplaces?“.
Thank you.


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