What Is Web Design? Web Design – 1

There are many websites in this world. But it does not create itself. Somebody has to design it by writing many codes. So, By writing this codes made a structure of a website is web design.


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How To Done This?

There are many languages uses for designing a website. You can not write this in your own language. There is some programming language use for designing a website. The language is:

1. HTML.
2. CSS.
3. JavaScript.



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These programming languages are used for design a website. If you want to be a Web Designer you must have to learn this languages. You can learn it from here:

1. skillshare.com : Just start your learning only 0.99$ for 3 months. (It’s the best place I have ever found, they give premium accounts for 3 months only 0.99$).

Or you can also learn it from YouTube and Google freely. And there are a best support you can take from W3school is best support for all time.
But I recommended, go to any coaching center or lear from skillshare.com.
Be A Legend In Online.
Be Awesome, Be A Web Designer.


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